Solutions Recovery Center

Sober Living Community for Men 


Solutions Recovery Center 

Solutions Recovery Center in Greenville provides sober living in Greenville for men, that focuses on the 12 steps while providing a structured, safe and sober living home.

Statistics show individuals who return home directly from a treatment facility have a relapse rate of 90% within their first year. The Solutions Recovery Center offers refuge, structure, and guidance to men who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Thank You for all the miraculous changes we are seeing in our son.

One thing we do know about the disease of addiction is this: unless treated, it is chronic, progressive and fatal. The program at Solutions Recovery Center provides a unique approach to the 12 step process that allows for structure, accountability and flexibility. 

​This family centered approach helps the recovering addict focus on his recovery and build the foundation needed to return to society. ​So come join some folks who were just like you, and have found a new way of life.

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