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Court Services

Solutions Court Services Program

Our dedicated staff assists in legal communication, providing the following services for our clients such as:

  •  Complete treatment documentation

  •  Compliance with court-ordered treatment

  •  Compliance with drug court and veteran’s treatment court requirements and appearances

  •  Direct communication with probation officers, law enforcement and caseworkers to maintain compliance

Some who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, can also experience legal problems that can impact their road to recovery. Whether it is a DUI, possession or other drug-related charges, the consequences of these complex legal matters can add undue stress to an already stressful life situation. If you or a loved one is experiencing legal issues that are impacting your ability to get the help and treatment you need, Solutions Recovery Center offers quality court liaison services that can help you keep on track.
What Are The Benefits of Court Liaison Services?
Judge and Gavel

Alternative sentencing programs and other court liaison services provide great benefits to those in a drug treatment setting. One major benefit of these programs is the fact those who are part of the program are able to work in the community and can continue to earn the income they need in order to better transition back to their normal daily schedule. 

Secondly, the use of alternative sentencing programs offered through court liaison services helps the community and court system. Throughout the country, the criminal justice system is overwhelmed with drug-related cases and taxpayers pay millions of dollars to incarcerate offenders for drug crimes. While incarceration is necessary in some cases to keep the public safe, putting nonviolent offenders in the prison system burdens communities with extra costs without providing a sustainable solution to chronic addiction.

Thirdly, those who take part in a court liaison program as part of their drug treatment are able to see firsthand how their actions affect their family, friends and the community at large. Alternative sentencing programs, work release programs and other similar services allow newly recovering addicts to make amends with those whom they have harmed and are able to work on the effective interpersonal skills they need to become successful and happy people in recovery.

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